Welcome to my blog!

Books have always been the constant companions in my life. It is them I seek in all circumstances and moods. They have stood along with me and they have acted as a great friend, mischievous lover, compassionate father, and a much nagging teacher who would throw a piece of chalk on the head asking you to listen. They are a constant reminder – even when left to their idle presence in our homes – that no matter how old we grow, there is a curiosity which one could never possibly be done away with. They bring a warmth and a slowness to the ever rushing world; that organic touch with all those things that makes us human, again and again.

This blog is a space where I discuss, through words, those books which I read and have interested me. Perhaps, this is another a way for me to shout out to the world about the treasure which I have found. There is no theme behind my writings although, if one looks closely, one can find a pattern in the authors I read (at least I believe so). I might contradict my own writings and opinions, sometimes, for it is better to alter one’s opinion upon further new information/knowledge/understanding.

Stay to read, comment, discuss, disagree, and to throw brickbats or compliments.

Thanks for dropping by.


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